Feb 11

Answers to Your Questions from Kelly Matte -Missouri City

From Kelly Matte – Missouri City Staff

I hope all is going well.  When attending the Oakwick Forest Estates Annual Meeting, some questions were asked of City Staff.  These questions have been answered, please see below.

  • If you have any questions, please let Kelly Matte know.  Thanks!

    QUESTION:  What do we do with glass?
    Response:     Throw it in the trash, blue bin.  No longer recycling glass.

    QUESTION:  What about Trammel Fresno traffic because of Starbucks especially between the hours of 6:30 – 8:30 a.m.?
    Response:     Engineering and PD traffic enforcement will discuss during their monthly meeting.  If there are no moving violations being performed and the issue is solely a delay due to people waiting to turn left into Starbucks then there will be no actionable items by the city.
    QUESTION:  We were told there would not be any entrances to the businesses on Trammel Fresno.  Why do all three businesses have back driveways onto Trammel Fresno?
    Response:     The developer made the decision for the back entrance
    Comment:      We were told there wouldn’t be any at the meetings they attended.
    Response:   There may be some confusion occurring in the recollection of the various zoning applications that occurred on this site.  When the property that was owned by Rubicon was zoned to straight LC 3 uses there was a discussion and agreement that there would only be one entrance on Trammel-Fresno and that it would not be a direct route from SH 6 to Trammel –Fresno.  The corner tract was not owned by Rubicon (Starbucks) and never subject to this restriction.  When the two re-zonings for the Huntington and Public Storage occurred the site plans approved as part of the re-zoning ordinance and the traffic impact analysis both showed the current driveways on Trammel-Fresno.  I have attached the Council approved site plans for reference.

    QUESTION:  What about the streets in Oakwick Forest Estates?
    Response:    The City will do normal maintenance in the subdivision  No major renovations are planned in this fiscal year in Oakwick Forest, just normal maintenance.

    QUESTION:  Will there be any work regarding driveways?
    Response:    The homeowner, not the City is responsible for driveway maintenance and repair.  The only time that the City works on driveways is if adjacent street work performed by the City requires driveway work to eliminate an unsafe condition or if the adjacent street work negatively affects a driveway.

    QUESTION:  Will Trammel Fresno be widened?
    Response:     Yes, but it is not in the next five year plan.

    QUESTION:  Can there be better communication from the City to the board when questions are asked?
    Response:     Yes, we will do a better job and go through Kelly, HOA Liaison.

    QUESTION:  Will the City trim the trees at the intersection of Pecan Ridge and Trammel Fresno, cannot see traffic?
    Response:    This will be reported to Code Enforcement as tree trimming is the responsibility of adjacent property owners under city ordinance.

    QUESTION:  What can be done about the grass at Starbucks?
    Response:    Code enforcement has been successful in getting the property owner to cut the grass.

    QUESTION:  How can you find an address?
    Response:     Look on the Fort Bend County Appraisal District website.  The City also has a downloadable key map book on the Public Works/GIS section of our website that shows all assigned addresses in Missouri City and the ETJ.

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