Community Reminders

Fencing, Play Equipment, Landscape etc.

All Landscaping, fencing, structures, pools play equipment, exterior modification changes etx. must be pre- approved prior to construction/installation. An ARB form must be completed and appropriate documents submitted for request to be considered. Allow for 2-4 week approval process.

Yard Maintenance

Residents are required to maintain their entire yard, including the ditches.. This includes, but is not limited to, cutting grass pruning trees and shrubs, removing dead debris, trash and weeds.

Oakwick Forest Estates Pets

Pets are not allowed to roam freely throughout the neighborhood, Pets, including cats, must be on leashes and accompanied by their owner when not on personal property. Residents also must clean-up after their pets if they use the bathroom anywhere other than their own property. This includes but is not limited to common open space.

On- Street Parking

For safety reason, on street parking is discouraged.  from time to time visitors may have the need to park on the streets. However, residents are to use their driveways for permanent parking. also if cars are parked on the streets, do not block  driveways or intersections and they must be parked with the flow of traffic.

Street Lights

In the event of street light problems, contact Reliant Energy directly at (Contact Us, Request Lighting Repair)

Entrance Lights

Entrance / Monument lights problems should be directed to the P.O.A. Greyling Poats at 281 431.2544

Property Owners’ Association Meeting

The Association Homeowners annual meeting is held each January on  the last Monday of the month.

P.O.A. Dues

Single Family Homes $210.00 for 2012


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